Paying Hourly Rates for IT Support? Change to a Flat Fee for Managed IT Services to Save Money

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It's better to pay flat fee instead of hourly fee

Information technology (IT) has evolved from what amounted to office data processing centers 30 years ago into the critical business tool it is today. You understand how important it is to make the most of your third-party IT service providers. Let us show you how a flat fee for managed IT services versus hourly IT rate fees affect your profitability.

The Negatives of Hourly IT Services

When you pay hourly rates for IT support from a third-party vendor, you face the same problems every business faces:

  • Hourly rates give no incentive to complete work faster. More hours means more money in the company’s pockets;
  • You never know who will show up when you put in a call for help. Most times, you will see a fresh face each time which means the technician doesn’t know anything about your business. Instead of getting right to work on fixing your problem, the “new guy” first has to learn your information systems, security systems and your procedures. The really discouraging thing is that the same situation happens again and again because the IT provider does not dedicate a team of IT specialists to your business; and
  • Hourly IT rates can bust your budget in a very short time, especially true when you experience unexpected and thorny IT issues.

So, what lesson do you take from this? Paying the IT hourly rate means you will experience more network downtime. When the network goes down, your employees decrease their productivity, too.

You want to investigate ways to trim utilization of your third-party IT service provider. One way to do this is to look for ways to stabilize your IT department so there are fewer hours billed by your third-party provider. Simply put, you want to make your IT budget more predictable.

The easiest way to do all that is to buy managed IT services.

Decrease Your Downtime, Decrease Your Costs

With managed IT services, you will pay a flat monthly rate no matter how many hours it takes to fix your problem. Managed IT services are economical because:

  • you can budget for planned IT services, stretching upcoming projects across months when you expect lower IT hours than the allotted hours for your fixed fee;
  • managed IT service providers want to finish projects timely; extra hours come out of the managed IT service provider’s profit margin so they avoid downtime that eats into profits; and
  • IT technicians have no worries about how much time they have to finish a project properly because your organization cannot exceed your budget.

Best of all, you will gain a dedicated staff of IT professionals who are intimately acquainted with your organization, its systems, and its procedures. These technicians will help you run your IT department day-to-day. When you need help with an unexpected problem, your managed IT services technicians will step in with ease with no learning curves that cause additional downtime.

Practice Proactive Technology Management

Having IT professionals manage your IT needs 24/7 keeps your organization running smoothly. In today’s digital environment, keeping a professional eye out for hackers and understanding threat assessments is the critical task facing all organizations.

Experienced IT technicians provide security patch management to make sure that your network has the latest versions of software and operating systems. They make sure your network is up to date with the latest anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-spam software. Managed IT services include optimizing your desktops, laptops and other mobile devices for best performance results and system security. IT management means curating your documents, your email and voice services, and your technicians will backup your data on a regular basis. In other words, managed IT service does everything to manage your network, so your staff can focus on helping you grow your business.

How do you benefit from third-party network administration? That’s easy to answer:

  • A dedicated administrator monitors your network, keeping a watchful eye for potential security threats and analyzing threat assessments.
  • Update technology checklists keeps track of your network needs.
  • A centralized service report helps keep your technology more secure.
  • You get all these services for a flat monthly fee that saves you money. By working efficiently and retaining the knowledge of your systems and procedures, managed IT services manage your network 24/7.

Save Time, Save Money

There is a better way. Unlike hourly IT support providers, managed IT service providers are accountable for providing you services at a competitive, fixed rate.

Technicians have the advantage of working under a centralized system so your dedicated technicians understand your network and your IT strategy.

Managed IT service technicians do not waste time. They want to do the work right the first time to avoid redo on the same project later under the same fixed fee.

Your monthly flat rate fee will be less than if you hired hourly IT professionals to provide the same services. All your needed monthly services bundle into your monthly fixed fee. Best of all, your monthly flat fees are scalable as you grow.

Hire only top-notch professionals to come into your business to manage your IT. For all these reasons, Fresh Technology is the right choice to manage your IT department.

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